[(Start-Up + Finance + Technology) x (Learning + Curiosity)] ^Ambition

On this website you can find a bit more about me.
Where I come from, What is my story, Where I am going.


"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."

Financial Markets & Technology Professional with extensive experience in Business and Startups.
From Fintech to Venture Capital, I apply my expertise in the Financial Markets full time at Bloomberg LP in the Trading & Sales Group. At the same time, I keep myself involved in the StartUp and Venture Capital world, bringing my expertise and experience.
I love to Cook, Travel & Play Football. I was born with an AS Roma jersey on my skin.  


"A ship in harbour is safe, but this is not what ships are built for."

Two quotes to describe my attitutde towards life and business.
Adventure and Exploration.
I started my career and studies in Italy, explored and worked in many other countries from Ukraine to United States, never stop exploring the world.
I never liked boundaries. Or limits. Or comfort zones.

I like challenges, or better, I like to challenge myself and the world
as much as I like football that took and (thanks god) still takes a good chunk of my life.


"... the crazy speed of always needing more"

My personality is a reflection of the above:
A self motivator, inquisitive, creative, but also organised and structured in the approach.
Determined and straightforward, I always give my best, exceeding expectations  not forgetting where I came from and working on my personal growth as well as the growth of those around me.
As I like to mention: "If we think of growth in terms of Promotions,
we place our future in someone else's hands. If we think about it in terms of Stages, we enable Ourselves to control the future."