sailing the unexplored waters of entrepreneurship

One Place, Many stories.

I have always been passioned about Business and I have always felt entrepreneurship was my mission.

I recall my primary school teacher ( I was 8 y.o.) complaining to my mother how much I liked, during the lecture to open my pencil case and dispose all my pens, pencils and all the other school tools on the desk creating a Stall or Market (as we say in Italian "Bancarella")
So yes, business always ran in my veins.

I started my first (real) small business when I was 16 y.o. and since then I have never stopped looking for the next business challenge.
Sometimes winning, other failing but learning a lot.
Making my own ideas reals project or helping other bright people ideas flourish and grow.
This is why, I decided to, after all the experiences, gather everything after one umbrella: Licas Ventures which represents the Past, Present and Future of my Business &  Entrpreunership life.

Go and Check Yourself

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